Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a ArtRFP account?

Creating your ArtRFP is easy and risk free. Simply go to the Your Free Trial page and click “Free Trial” for either the Bid Access or Full Access accounts.

Do you guarantee that I will win bids from ArtRFP?

The ArtRFP team is dedicated to providing you the tools and resources to win government business service projects bids but no, ArtRFP is not responsible for the outcome of your bid.

How is ArtRFP associated with the government?

ArtRFP is not associated with any government agency, on any level. However, we do work with governments during our aggregation process to provide our users with the most updated bid and award information.

How are bids and awards added to ArtRFP?

Our team of government bidding experts gathers and standardizes bid opportunities and newly awarded contracts from government entities and agencies nationwide. We gather bids from all level of governments, from federal agencies, states and local governments such as counties and the cities, school districts, etc within them.

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